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Pricing Philosophy

No price anxiety. "Today's price is the best price"

If the price changes, it will only go up and there are no coupons, sales or discounts.

Why no sales or discounts?

  •  - Because pricing should be a fair, not tricks to trigger purchases
  •  - Because loyal customers deserve the best prices
  •  - Because customers that help a business grow deserve the best prices
  •  - Because instead of fancy sales techniques, the focus is on product improvements.

This policy avoids these situations

  • - Have you ever made a purchase and find out later the price is now lower?
  • - Have you ever been a customer for years and the best deals are only for "New" customers
  • - Have you ever been on a checkout page and see a field for a coupon (which you do not have)
  • - Have you ever had to wait for a specific date to take advantage of a sale price

Love or hate this policy?